Oregon Birders OnLine (OBOL)

  • How can I read OBOL?
    • You may read OBOL on the Freelists website or on the ABA website. Note: the ABA site does not display photos. You do not need to subscribe to read OBOL posts.
  • How can I post to OBOL?
    • How do I change my email options?
      • Go to https://www.freelists.org/list/obol and locate the line labeled “What would you like to do?”
      • To receive individual emails for every post, select “Turn Digest mode off”
      • To receive a single daily digest email, select “Turn Digest mode on”
      • If you do not want to receive any emails, select “Turn Vacation mode on”

    OBOL Guidelines

    • OBOL has operated for many years with a minimal level of moderation and formal rules, relying on a common understanding of civility and a shared focus on birding.
    • Always sign your post and include your location.
    • YAHOO AND AOL USERS: Always include your email address with your signature. Yahoo and AOL email addresses are automatically scrubbed in the FROM line, so people won’t be able to reply to you unless you add your address to the body of your post.
    • If a notable bird is on private property, do not give out the location unless you are 100% certain the homeowner would be okay with many visitors.
    • You may attach photos to your post.
    • Postings should be related to wild birds in Oregon, their identification, distribution, and natural history, and birding experiences in the field in Oregon.
    • Experiences from elsewhere are sometimes relevant to discussion of Oregon birds, but normally it is best to post those to forums for the regions where you saw the birds.
    • An occasional posting, URL, or tagline about birding-related commercial offerings, such as tours, books, or binoculars for sale is OK (“occasional” means no more than once per month). OBOL does not allow posts or URLs or taglines about non-birding-related commercial offerings.
    • Avoid topics such as cats, guns, house sparrow control, and all political and religious issues.