Brodie Cass Talbott
Brodie Cass Talbott

Brodie grew up in Portland, turning over every rock in Balch Creek. After graduating from Portland State University with a degree in Applied Linguistics and working summers as a wildland firefighter, he began six years of birding and working across Asia, from teaching English in Taiwan, teaching at a monastery in Bhutan, and photographing waste picker communities in Pune, India. To escape the monsoons he spent summers working as a raft guide and managing a rafting company in Maupin, which gave him a particular love of birding Wasco county.

He now resides in Portland with his wife, and combines his love of natural history and his passion for teaching as an educator with Portland Audubon, where he also leads bird walks and ecotours. In his free time, he goes birding.

President Elect
Mike Williams

Mike Williams, an emeritus professor of the University of Kansas, recently retired as the founding director of the Media Innovation Lab, a project-level research lab at the University. He also owns Gray Whale Media, a media communications consultancy emphasizing improving client communications of environmentally conscious non-profit organizations.

An avid bird photographer, Williams spends much of his time behind the camera focused on the birds found in and around the National Wildlife Refuges near his home in Salem. When not taking pictures, he does frequent editing and design work for the Salem Audubon Society, where he serves on the board of directors. He most recently completed the development and launch of the website and communications plan for the Ankeny Hill Nature Center south of Salem.

Mike brings an understanding of the audience and commitment to creating an inclusive climate for expanding participation in the organizations he serves.

Sarah Swanson
Past President
Sarah Swanson

Sarah began birding at age 10 but didn’t start birding regularly until she met her birding buddy and husband, Max, while studying Zoology in graduate school. In 2013, they co-authored Must-see Birds of the Pacific Northwest. Sarah loves birding across Oregon, especially at the coast and near Sisters. Her most recent life bird was a Great Grey Owl.

Sarah has worked at Portland Audubon and Waterwatch of Oregon. She has volunteered as a field notes editor for Oregon Birds and led bird walks for Portland Audubon. She holds a degree in Biology from the University of Oregon and a Masters of Public Administration with a concentration in Natural Resources from Portland State University.

Tom Myers

Tom Myers was born and raised in Massachusetts and received a BA in Philosophy from Colby College in Maine. After serving in the Peace Corps, he joined AmeriCorps and moved to Portland in 2009. He holds a Masters in Teaching from Lewis and Clark College and currently teaches 3rd Grade in Portland. He lives with his husband in Warren.

Tom began birding in 2017 when he bought a kayak and started to explore Smith and Bybee Wetlands and Sauvie Island. Since then, he finds and photographs birds whenever possible and completed a county Big Year in Columbia County in 2019. When he’s not teaching or birding, Tom stays busy hiking, kayaking, keeping honeybees and making pizza.

Nick Martens
Nicholas Martens

Nick first became interested in birding while pursuing his doctorate in experimental psychology at Florida Atlantic University. Along with his wife and birding partner Maureen, he began relating their many adventures on their website and social media as Hipster Birders. After moving to Oregon in 2014 they were quickly made to feel at home by the wonderful and active birding community they found.

While Nick is out birding he also keeps an eye out for anything else new or interesting. He’s recently taken up macro photography and has enjoyed learning about and documenting the many strange arthropods he finds near his home.

Angela Calabrese
Angela Calabrese

Angela grew up in Independence, Oregon. She was first introduced to birding as a teenager when a friend took her to Baskett Slough National Wildlife Refuge. While in college, she volunteered for Chintimini Wildlife Center in Corvallis. While there she helped care for a wide variety of native species and trained birds of prey for educational programs. Her favorite birds to work with were the center’s two Turkey Vultures. During her time there, she realized how much she loved all things bird.

Angela moved to Portland in 2013 to pursue a career in animal husbandry. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Zoology and currently works for the Oregon National Primate Research Center. When not hanging out with monkeys, Angela can usually be found photographing birds at her favorite spots or hiking in the Columbia River Gorge.

Candace Larson
Candace Larson

Candace is an all-around nature nerd who is particularly obsessed with the birds, plants, mushrooms and dragonflies of the Pacific Northwest. She can be found looking up at stars and starlings and down at forbs and fungi, and she also enjoys underwater birding through her snorkel mask.  Candace shares a homestead with her partner Mary and their always entertaining family of dog, cat, chickens and honeybees.

Candace has been active in social and environmental justice struggles since 2001, and her concerns represent the strong connection between healthy ecosystems and healthy communities. She currently works as a field biologist and educator at Portland Audubon, measuring bird populations across the state and introducing folks to the wonders of bird biology and habitat conservation.

Kayla McCurry



Robert Lockett

Robert Lockett has been a birder since the age of 12. After retiring from a career in commercial printing, he has increased his foreign travel, which is always focused on birding. The Covid pandemic has curtailed that travel, so he’s doing more Oregon birding–and bird photography–while slowly building his Oregon country list numbers. Robert has been a long-time Portland Audubon volunteer and is active in the Portland Peace Corps Association.