The photo contest is on hiatus

August photo contest winner

Common Yellowthroat at Minto Brown Park in Salem, photo by Graham Dey

August 2nd Place

Caspian Terns at Clatsop Beach in Clatsop County, image by Owen Schmidt

August 3rd Place (tie)

Clark’s Grebes at Putnam’s Point in Klamath County, photo by Howard West
Northern Flickers in Clatsop County, image by Molly Sultany

How to enter the OBA November/December photo contest

  • This contest has a theme: What bird are you most thankful for?
  • Entries are accepted between November 1 and December 14 at 5:00 pm.
  • Photos must have been taken in Oregon.
  • For this contest, there isn’t a date limit, so dig back into your old photos if you like.
  • To enter the contest, email one photo to contest administrator Zia Fukuda at (THIS IS A NEW ADDRESS). Please include the species name, location, and your name and email address.
  • Photos must be of OBA-recognized *wild* species.
  • Birds should not be in-hand or otherwise in a non-natural situation.
  • Photos can be slightly edited (cropping and small lighting touch-ups)

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Contest Rules

    • Contest submissions must be of wild birds only (as defined by the Oregon Checklist). While minor editing to crop or adjust lighting are acceptable, photographs with major modifications to the subject or background, or photo montages, will be rejected by the contest moderator, whose decision is final.
    • You do not need to be an OBA member to submit a photo in the contest.
    • You do not need to be an OBA member to vote in the contest.
    • Submission period for photos will be the first two weeks of every month, and must be received by our Contest Coordinator by 5 pm on the 14th day. Submitted photos will then be posted here for people to vote on.
    • Once the voting is completed, the winning photo will be displayed as our website home-page image for the following month.
    • When you submit a photo to the photo contest,  you agree to allow OBA to display your photo on the OBA website.
    • Photographers may only submit one photo per contest (monthly).
    • Voters may only vote for one photo per contest (monthly).
    • Photo must have been taken in Oregon and within the current month or two months prior (although we sometimes make exceptions to the date range rule for special, themed contests). For example, only photos from March, April, and May will be accepted for May’s contest.
    • Please include the species name, location, date the photo was taken, and your name and email address.